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Tablet Repairing Form

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  1. Assessment: We assess your tablet to identify the issue and determine the necessary repairs.

  2. Repair: Our skilled technicians perform the required repairs using high-quality parts and advanced tools.

  3. Quality Testing: We rigorously test your tablet to ensure it’s functioning optimally.

  4. Inspection: A final inspection is conducted to ensure all repairs have been successfully completed.

  5. Delivery: We notify you when your tablet is ready for pickup or arrange for convenient delivery.

  6. Warranty: We stand behind our repairs with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Trust us to expertly repair your tablet and restore it to its optimal functionality.

  1. Packaging
    Safely package your tablet in a secure and protective manner.

  2. Shipping Option:   
    Don’t worry Our delivery partner will come at your registered location and will ship the device to our store. 

  3. Repair Completion: We promptly repair your tablet and conduct thorough testing.

  4. Notification:
    We notify you when your tablet is ready for return shipping or pick-up.

  5. Secure Return:
    We ensure your tablet is securely packaged for its return journey.

  6. Convenient Pick-up:
       If you prefer pick-up, we arrange a convenient time for you to retrieve your repaired tablet.

  1. Coverage:  We provide a warranty that covers the repairs performed on your tablet.
  2. Duration:  Our warranty of 3 months for you ensures peace of mind for a specified period of time.
  3. Repairs Guarantee:   If any issues arise related to the repairs during the warranty period, we will address them promptly and free of charge.
  4. Customer Support:  Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any warranty-related inquiries or concerns.

Rest assured knowing that your repaired tablet is protected by our comprehensive warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and confidence in our services.

  1. Confidentiality:
    We prioritize the confidentiality of your personal information and ensure it is handled securely throughout the repair process.

  2. Secure Data Handling
      We employ industry-standard security measures to protect any data stored on your tablet during repairs.

  3. Limited Access:  
    Only authorized personnel involved in the repair process have access to your tablet and its data.

  4. Data Erasure:
      We take precautions to securely erase any personal data stored on your tablet if required during repairs.

Your privacy and data protection are of utmost importance to us. Trust that we handle your tablet and personal information with the highest level of security and discretion.

  1. Assistance:
      Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or issues related to your tablet repair.

  2. Prompt Response:
    We strive to provide timely responses to your inquiries, ensuring that you receive the support you need in a timely manner.

  3. Knowledgeable Staff:  
    Our customer support team is knowledgeable about tablet and can provide expert guidance and solutions.

  4. Satisfaction Guarantee:  
    We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our customer support services. Your feedback and satisfaction are important to us.

Count on our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team to provide the assistance you need throughout your tablet repair journey.

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